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Reed Strucker was a main character on FOX 's The Gifted. He is portrayed by Stephen Moyer. He was a Attorney for the mutant task force, employed with the goal of prosecuting and imprisoning mutants that threaten the community. He was the husband of Caitlin Strucker, and the father of two mutant teens, Lauren and Andy Strucker Reed wuchs bei seinen Eltern Otto und Ellen Strucker auf. Mit seinem Vater, der einen Großteil seiner Arbeits- und Lebenszeit bei Trask Industries verbrachte, hatte er wenig Kontakt. Als Kind wurde Reed eines Tages sehr krank, konnte dem Tod aber gerade noch mal entrinnen. Als er sich wieder erholte, hatte sein Vater die Familie verlassen Reed Strucker is a level-5 mutant who can generate and manipulate several different types of energy, as well as possesses the power to disintegrate several different types of matter. Reed is also a former district attorney, the husband of Caitlin Strucker, the father of Lauren Strucker and Andy Strucker, and a member of the Mutant Underground Reed Strucker war ein Hauptcharakter seit der ersten und zweiten Staffel The Gifted. Er ist der Vater von Lauren und Andy Strucker, sowie der Ehemann von Caitlin Strucker. Er ist Anwalt bei der Task Force gegen gefährliche Mutanten Reed Strucker is an attorney working for the District Attorney's office in Atlanta. As part of his job, Reed frequently prosecutes mutants under the United States ' strict anti-mutant laws

Reed Strucker in the main protagonist of the X-Men tv series The Gifted. He is the husband Caitlin Strucker and the father of Andy Strucker and Lauren Strucker, who he's protecting along with a group of other gifted people from the authorities. He is portrayed by Stephen Moyer Reed Strucker Stephen Moyer Reed, der als Staatsanwalt zuletzt selbst zahlreiche Mutanten verfolgt hat, findet sich plötzlich auf der anderen Seite des Gesetzes wieder: Seine eigene Familie wird jetzt von der Anti-Mutanten-Behörde Sentinel Services erbarmungslos verfolgt. Ihm, seiner Frau und ihren beiden mit außergewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten ausgestatteten Kindern bleibt nur die Flucht The Gifted ist eine Serie von Matt Nix mit Stephen Moyer (Reed Strucker), Amy Acker (Caitlin Strucker). Finde hier alle Informationen zur 2 Staffeln und 29 Folgen sowie News und Videos Fenris (Andrea von Strucker and Andreas von Strucker) are two fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. They are the German twin children of supervillain Baron Strucker of HYDRA and the half-siblings of Werner von Strucker. The two characters appear in The Gifted The Gifted (englisch für Die Begabten) ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Serie aus dem Jahr 2017, die im X-Men-Universum angesiedelt und mit der X-Men-Filmreihe verbunden ist. Es handelt sich um die zweite Fernsehserie nach Legion, die im X-Men-Universum spielt.Im April 2019 wurde bekannt, dass die Serie nach zwei Staffeln eingestellt wurde

Marcos Diaz/Reed Strucker (3) Lorna Dane & Andy Strucker (3) Esme Cuckoo/Lorna Dane (3) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (6) Hurt/Comfort (4) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (4) Alternate Universe (3) Sibling Incest (3) Families of Choice (3) Mutants (3) Fluff (2) Friendship (2) Telepathy (2) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Include crossovers; Exclude crossovers; Show only. Moreover, when the two join hands, they are capable of generating an extraordinarily powerful blast. Lauren and Andy inherited these powers from Reed's grandfather Andreas von Strucker and his twin sister Andrea. Known collectively as Fenris, the von Strucker twins were infamous mutant terrorists and members of the Hellfire Club Die Eltern, Kate und Reed Strucker, werden von Amy Acker und Stephen Moyer gespielt. Reed ist ein ambitionierter Staatsanwalt, der versucht seinen Job und seine Familie unter einen Hut zu bekommen... Reed Von Strucker. This is dedicated to The father of the gifted . REED STRUCKER . Because of the lack of Reed Strucker Fics and prompts material, I've decided to take it upon myself to start and create those material. So if you have any prompts or any ideas for a one shot or a complete series (Reed Centric) Don't be shy and send it right away

Rolle: Reed Strucker Amy Acker. Rolle: Caitlin Strucker Sean Teale. Rolle: Marcos Diaz / Eclipse Natalie Alyn Lind. Rolle: Lauren Strucker Die komplette Besetzung der Staffel 2. Lauren Strucker ist einer der Hauptcharaktere seit der ersten Staffel The Gifted. Sie ist die Tochter von Caitlin und Reed Strucker, sowie die Schwester von Andy Strucker. Sie kann Materie auf molekuale Ebene manipulieren, welche sie unter anderen als Schutzschilde verwenden kann

Touch can watch in 720/1080 Song : Paint it Black - Hidden CitizensFandom : The GiftedSoftware : Adobe Clip Editor : nenastie [DISCLAIMER] I DON'T own any. Reed Strucker (portrayed by Stephen Moyer) is a father trying to balance his family responsibilities with his job as a district attorney. His father repressed his x-gene when he was a child, without his knowledge. In the beginning of the second season, Reed's stress causes his powers of disintegration to emerge uncontrollably ALL RIGHTS GO TO MARVEL & FO Discover more posts about reed strucker. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. iknowitscancelledhowever. Follow. Yeah I know the Gifted was cancelled but uh I'm obsess with it now rip me. #the gifted #clarice fong #john proudstar #marcos diaz #lorna dane #kate strucker #reed strucker #lauren strucker #andy strucker. 27 notes . mynerdcorneroftheworld. Follow. Matter Disintegration: Reed had the ability. This is a burden, yes, but it's also a gift.Caitlin to her children Caitlin Cait Strucker is a nurse and a member of the Mutant Underground. Caitlin is also the wife of Reed Strucker, and the mother of Lauren Strucker and Andy Strucker, and a member of the Mutant Underground. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 The Gifted 1.2.1 eXposed 1.2.2 rX 1.2.3 eXodus 1.2.4 eXit strategy 1.2.5.

Lauren Strucker is a main character on FOX 's The Gifted. She is the mutant daughter of Caitlin and Reed Strucker. She has inherited the same ability to manipulate matter at a molecular level, which manifests as barriers of compressed air (otherwise known as shields), from one of the Fenris twins, Andrea Von Strucker -Reed Strucker, going out with a motherfucking bang. A true legend. #you will be missed my dude #reed strucker #the gifted. 308 notes. jacensolodjo. Follow I always told myself that anyone who was facing me in my courtroom was guilty. Told myself that I was the prosecutor and that the laws were clear and if you broke 'em it was on you. Told myself that I was doing my job. Then I found out. It's also clear that Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) is a far cry from Wolfgang. In fact, that character already exists in the MCU thanks to his end credits scene in The Winter Soldier and his quick appearance in Age of Ultron.Even his son, Werner, had a brief run on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Of course, there's plenty of gray areas in the agreement between Marvel and FOX over which characters.

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Why did Stephen Moyer (Reed Strucker) leave The Gifted? The Gifted Season 2 finale. Why was The Gifted Reed Strucker killed off? Why did Stephen Moyer leave the Gifted Season 2? The Gifted Season 2 Finale: Actor Stephen Moyer who starred as youtube.com. Why did Stephen Moyer (Reed Strucker) leave The Gifted? The Gifted Season 2 finale . Why was The Gifted Reed Strucker killed off? Why did. Baron Wolfgang von Strucker (/ ˈ s t r ʌ k ər /) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. A former Nazi officer, he is one of the leaders of Hydra terrorist organization and an enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers, and the interests of the United States of America and thus a fugitive. He has been physically augmented to be nearly ageless. Liebling, unsere Kinder sind Mutanten! Aus Sicht einer Familie fügt die neue FOX-Serie The Gifted dem X-Men-Universum ein spektakuläres neues Kapitel hinzu The Strucker Family. Struckers: Caitlin, Lauren, Reed, and Andy, created for the Fox X-Men Universe (The Gifted) Baron Wolfgang von Strucker: Appears in the MCU (Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron, and Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.) Werner von Strucker: Son of Wolfgang, Appears in the MCU (Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.); Andrea and Andreas von Strucker (Fenris): Twin children of Wolfgang, Mutant Villains, in the.

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